Congradulations to all the people that managed to get top times during the D1GP. During this event there where a number of good battles in each TA. In TA 4 there want a whole lot of movement between the top 3. The same kind of thing happened with TA 1 exept for a last minute push made by Woodisgood which managed to get sKeeVo pushed put of the top 3. There was a lot of movement in the TA 2 group where our own Davidish95 was placed 2nd in the end after getting pushed out of the top 3 only the day before and also BlackHeart managed to secure himself a spot knocking both Timi and K out of the top 3. Earlier in the event we saw Toni Hai in the top 3 in TA 3 but was pushed out by Phytos managing to secure himself a 2nd place spot but only for a short time. K managed 1 more place taking run before the event ended by securing himself 2nd spot and putting Phytos down to 3rd. In the SP. Open the top 3 stayed the same through out the event only having the top 3 improving there times, but not enough to take any positions. Tony Hai, Drifter and lomein13 managed to secure themselves top 3 places in multiple classes, what ever will they do with all those 35RX's ? Everyone tried there hardest to get into the top ranks, some people acheived that and some people didnt, but hey you never know maybe next TA event will be your time to shine. Next event will be a King of Kings event where you will be able to collect even more D1GP cars, I have even heard that in the next event you will be able to have another crack at getting your self a 35RX and you will also be able to get the SUNOCO Mark II and the Blue impact 773 (RIP my money) so be sure you all have a crack at getting atleast 1 of those. I will predict that for this event we will see Tony Hai, sKeeVo, Samurai, lomein 13 and many others battling it out for one of those top spots and who knows we might even see another major up set from someone that we havent seen in any previous events. Good luck everyone and let the best Drifter win.       

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