This wraps up the whole D1GP Collaboration for the time being meaning that if you didn't manage to get any of the D1 cars that you wanted there might not be another chance to get the magain. But who knows maybe next year there will be another collaboration for a new season of D1GP. At the start of the event there was a lot of movement in the top 10 and the person that held the 1st position kept changing until Coolsy101 stepped up to the plate taking first place and keeping it for 3 days but ran out of tanks to keep himself in the first position. First position ended up being taken by randy71 and he kept it untill we saw sKeeVo start to really compete in the event. He came into the top 10 on the 3rd day and battled randy for first position untill the end where sKeeVo ended up taking it from him. We also saw TR come into the top 3 on the last day to take 2nd spot from randy72 pushing him down to 3rd spot. One person we didnt see in the top 10 was Tony Hai which was a little suprising but maybe he is saving for the next event. In the end everyone did a good job in the event and I hope you all got the cars you wanted most. The next event should be the Initial D Awakening event where you will be able to get all your favourite (If you have watched the anime) Initial D cars. I my self will be aiming for the AE86, but I think everyone will be. The next event overview will be done by Coolsy101 over in the forum section instead of the bloging section. Let us know if you like that better. Thanks for reading this review and rember to keep it sideways.  

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