As one event closes another opens with in the next few days. This will be a overview on the current D1GP King of Kings event. The event ends on November 9th at 15:29 UTC so that gives all you people 5 days to rack up as many points in the event. In this event you will be able to get the RE-AMEMIYA GruppeM-RX7 and the TOYO Tires Drift S15 Silvia '15 from a ticket order that will be on through out the event. You will also be able to attain them from league rewards. If you are Rooks league or higher you will get a TOYO Tires Drift S15 Silvia '15 from league 1 and 3, you can get a RE-AMEMIYA GruppeM-RX7 from being in the top 300 by the end of the event. You will also see the return of the GReddy 35RX Spec-D in this event, so all of you that haven managed to get one will have another shot. But in saying that the only way you are gonna get one is if you are in the top 10 by the final ranking, good luck with that if you are F2P. If you use the RE-AMEMIYA GruppeM-RX7TOYO Tires Drift S15 Silvia '15 or the Falken Petronas OTG86 '15 as your car for this event you will gain 1.5x the normal amount of VP when you race and for all the other D1 cars you get a 1.2x multiplier, can you guess how much normal cars get? Nothing extra so if you have a D1 car I would use it. During this event there is a special Premium Order that you will be able to do that cost 3000 Gold, in the order you get 10 random D1 cars that includes the SUNOCO Monster MARK IIInitial D Impact Blue 773 and the GReddy 35RX Spec-D, so if you wanted any of these cars in the previous events but missed out here is another chance (Keep in mind that 4,200 gold is $47). During the event you will see guest races, these are easiest way to get a lot of VP fast. You will also come across Nanami Tsukamoto as a guest and what she does that is impoprant it gives you free S tanks when you win. After doing a good amount of races you will get a Blitz Bonus that gives you 1.5x VP for 10 minutes, paird with a D1 car you are going to be getting a whole lot of bonus VP so use your S tanks wisly. This just about sums up everything that you need to know about the event keep it sideways people and may the best drifter win.  

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