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  • Dnemisis

    D1GP King of Kings over

    November 10, 2015 by Dnemisis

    This wraps up the whole D1GP Collaboration for the time being meaning that if you didn't manage to get any of the D1 cars that you wanted there might not be another chance to get the magain. But who knows maybe next year there will be another collaboration for a new season of D1GP. At the start of the event there was a lot of movement in the top 10 and the person that held the 1st position kept changing until Coolsy101 stepped up to the plate taking first place and keeping it for 3 days but ran out of tanks to keep himself in the first position. First position ended up being taken by randy71 and he kept it untill we saw sKeeVo start to really compete in the event. He came into the top 10 on the 3rd day and battled randy for first position …

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  • Dnemisis

    D1GP King of Kings

    November 4, 2015 by Dnemisis

    As one event closes another opens with in the next few days. This will be a overview on the current D1GP King of Kings event. The event ends on November 9th at 15:29 UTC so that gives all you people 5 days to rack up as many points in the event. In this event you will be able to get the RE-AMEMIYA GruppeM-RX7 and the TOYO Tires Drift S15 Silvia '15 from a ticket order that will be on through out the event. You will also be able to attain them from league rewards. If you are Rooks league or higher you will get a TOYO Tires Drift S15 Silvia '15 from league 1 and 3, you can get a RE-AMEMIYA GruppeM-RX7 from being in the top 300 by the end of the event. You will also see the return of the GReddy 35RX Spec-D in this event, so all of you that ha…

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  • Dnemisis

    D1GP Time Attack Over

    November 2, 2015 by Dnemisis

    Congradulations to all the people that managed to get top times during the D1GP. During this event there where a number of good battles in each TA. In TA 4 there want a whole lot of movement between the top 3. The same kind of thing happened with TA 1 exept for a last minute push made by Woodisgood which managed to get sKeeVo pushed put of the top 3. There was a lot of movement in the TA 2 group where our own Davidish95 was placed 2nd in the end after getting pushed out of the top 3 only the day before and also BlackHeart managed to secure himself a spot knocking both Timi and K out of the top 3. Earlier in the event we saw Toni Hai in the top 3 in TA 3 but was pushed out by Phytos managing to secure himself a 2nd place spot but only for a…

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