Errors in Drift Spirits show up as a popup window with a title refering to the error code number (エラー:[Number of error]) and a description of the error. Because the descriptions are in Japanese, the most common errors will be translated and explained on how to solve them:

  • 01151/20903: Can't connect to servers. Make sure your WiFi is turned on. If it is, reconnect WiFi and try again.
  • 19001: Version outdated. You need to download an updated version to be able to play.
  • 01100/01148/01156: Disconnected from servers. Either you disconnected from the internet or the servers went offline. Pressing [ リトライ ] retries reconnecting to servers. Pressing [ キャンセル ] returns to main menu.
  • 00102/11211: Error that appears upon starting game. Causes and solutions are unknown.

If you find any other error, please leave a message on someones message page. You can find active users under the Human Support tab. 
  • Error 01151
  • Error 19001
  • Error 01148
  • Error 01100
  • Error 20903

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