The Emperor

The Emperor's default appearance

The Emperor2

The Emperor's determined appearance

The Emperor is Namiko's brother and is the final boss of the Story. His real name is Sho. He is the current legendary racer of Hakone.

When Sho was a young boy, he grew a passion for cars and blindly challenged anyone he saw at Tsuchinoko Pass. He met the first Emperor there, who was a girl not much older than himself. The first Emperor told Sho that she wants the name "The Emperor" to be famous throughout all of Hakone. This dream of hers became his own as well, but one day, she fell ill. On her sickbed, she hands over the name of "The Emperor" to Sho and passes away the following day. Sho then begins to work to achieve this dream that she wanted to achieve herself.

During the Story, it's discovered that Arata The Red was confronted by The Joker and his group, so Sho helped Arata. After The Joker attacked Sho, he was hospitalized and The Joker stole his car and began to impersonate The Emperor. Sho woke up the following day with some memory loss and set out to find The Joker for revenge.

At the end of Area 5, The Emperor attacks The Joker and knocks him unconscious, saving Namiko in the process. Your character challenges The Emperor and your character poses the condition that if he loses, he must return to Namiko. He accepts and gives you three days to prepare. After preparing with The Four Kings, your character races The Emperor. Upon defeating The Emperor, he keeps his promise and hands the title of The Emperor over to your character. Namiko then tells your character that she'll help your character make the name "The Emperor" famous.

The Emperor's normal avatar is awarded after defeating his determined form. He drives a Jet Black Pearl Nissan GT-R R35.

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