NOTE: All the events listed in each category are events from the International version. They will remain for archival purposes

Time Attack

In Time Attack events players drift around a set course and battle it out to get the best time. Players are sorted in to classes depending on what power your current car is. Players can participate in multiple classes as long as there car is I in the certain power range that the class specifies. The player obtains trophies for beating a stage. The player gets "stage clear rewards" when you beat a certain stage under a set amount of time. The player can also get bonuses if your time ends with 000 or for getting all the corners spirit.

Time Attack Events

Boss Battle

In Boss Battle events the player battles against an certain boss and his or her minions. As the player gets further through the event the opponents start to get more power and become harder to beat. During the event the player gets VP (Victory Points) from doing battles and get rewards for collecting a certain amount of them. The player may also come across a "Determined" or "On fire" opponent, these ones are harder beat and give the player more VP and a increased chance to get a rare drop.

Boss Battle Events

Battle Royal

In Battle Royal events the player versus other players that are participating in the event to get a higher ranking. The player obtains VP for defeating an opponent. The player can get extra VP for versing players that have used NOS. The more VP the player obtains the higher the league he/she will be put in.

Battle Royal

Collaboration events

In these special events you are able to obtain your favourite cars from whatever other franchise that Drift Spirits id collaborating with. These Collaboration events can be any of the 3 types of events shown above. In these events the player has to be in a certain ranking to get one of these cars or the player can obtain the special cars through ticket orders but there is only a very small chance of getting one of these special cars.

Collaboration Events

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