To play the game you must first download the game from the App Store (Apple devices) or from Google Play (Android devices). However because the game is region locked, users from outside Japan or North America won't be able to download the game. Below is the explanation on how to download the game depending on your device:

Video Tutorial

Drift Spirits - How to Install JP DRSP Tutorial

Drift Spirits - How to Install JP DRSP Tutorial


To download the game for android you have three ways of doing it:

  • Download the game via the Google Play or App Store:
    • Japanese Version: Android | iOS
    • International Version has been shut down since March 2016. Links to the English Versions have been removed
  • Get a 3rd party service to download the game for you. There are a few applications for that purpose but not all services may have the latest version. Aptoide will always the latest version. This process takes more time but may be easier for an average user as the application warns and automatically downloads a newer version when available.

(Strikethrough means outdated.)

Compatible Android Versions:

4.1.x, 4.2.x, 4.3.x, 4.4.x

Backup progress on Android

If you have the need to do a factory reset or to change phones you will want to backup your game progress. There are two processes available:

Recommended Method:

Go to Ingame Settings > Data Transfer, in that menu you will have your player ID and a special code. Next time you start the game in another device without any game progress, you start a game, but instead of choosing a name you click the green button where you'll be presented with a few text boxes where you'll enter your player ID followed by that special code you saved before.

Alternative Method:

You will have to copy a file whose access is only possible in rooted devices. Even if you do copy this file it is not guaranteed it will work as it has never been tested. The file in question is located at "/data/data/com.namcobandaigames.driftspirits/files"* and the file you need to copy is called "SaveData". (*'/data/data' is not a typo.) For the English version the folder you'll be looking for instead is "com.bandainamcogames.en.driftspirits".

Unconfirmed Extraordinary Method:

By executing a system data backup using a recovery boot you could possibly access the inner files of a non-rooted device. However this is unconfirmed as the game may not actually store such SaveData file in unrooted devices.


To install the Japanese version of the game in Apple devices follow this process. App store page.


Simply download the .apk of the version of your choice and run it. (See links in Android section.)