Dealership Left

The left of the Dealership menu

Dealership Middle

The middle of the Dealership menu

The Dealership is where you can obtain Cars, Parts & Items from different orders. There are mainly 2 types of orders: Gold Orders & Ticket Orders. Most Gold Orders guarantee Cars, Items or Parts. Ticket Orders are all randomized chance. A list of different order types are from left to right (following the screenshots).

Gold Event Orders

  • These orders are for a specific event and are only available for a certain amount of time. Each typically guarantees a Car with a random star grade OR a Part of a certain Grade. Gold Event Orders are typically expensive to purchase.
Dealership Right

The right of the Dealership menu

Normal Gold Orders

  • There are 3 kinds of this order: A 10 set (3000 Gold), a single order (300 Gold) and a Beginner's Parts Order (100 Gold). When an event is running, each of these orders provide a certain amount of Event Tickets. Otherwise, the 10 set grants a free 4 Car Ticket which can be used for the 4 Car Order. The 10 set also guarantees a 4 and up Car. The Parts Order gives out a random Grade 5-8 Part with each order placed.

Event Ticket Orders

  • Every event comes with a Ticket Order, which offer Parts, Cars & Items with random chances. Event Ticket Orders are the only orders that give Enhancement Kits, Turbines (Turbo, Supercharger), Suspensions & Drive Shafts. These orders only last for a limited amount of time.

4 Car Order

  • This is the only Ticket Order that will guarantee a 4 car and the Tickets to this order can only be obtained through the Gold Order 10 set (currently). It's super rare to gain a 5 Car as the chance is only 1%.

Ticket Order

  • The same as a single Gold Order but you need Order Tickets to use it. They can be obtained through Story Mode, Drivetrain & Manufacturer Mode, and Weekly Rankings (high ranks only).

CP Order

  • This order uses Car Points obtained from races and costs 300 Points for every order. You can get 1 to 4 Parts and 3 to 4 Cars. These orders would generally be used for getting parts for Part Enhancements or Cars for Car Combining. Once every day, when the servers tick over to a new day, you get 10 free CP orders.


How to purchase a pack

How to purchase a pack