No. Power car Reward
Beginner 1 391 FTO DE3A [1] transmission (Normal)
Beginner 2 400 CELICA XX 2800GT MA61 [2] transmission (normal) +1
Beginner 3 420 MAZDASPEED ATENZA GG3P [3] transmission (normal) +2


No. Power car Reward
Intermediate 1 428 SPRINTER TRUENO AE86 [2] transmission (normal) +1
Intermediate 2 432 ROADSTER NCEC [3] transmission (normal) +2
Intermediate 3 466 S2000 AP1 [4] transmission (Normal) +3
Intermediate 4 468 SKYLINE GT-R BNR32 [5] transmission (normal) +4


No. Power car Reward
Advanced 1 461 LEGACY B4 BM9 [3] transmission (normal) +2
Advanced 2 467 ALCYONE SVX CXD [4] transmission (Normal) +3
Advanced 3 477 FTO DE3A [5] transmission (normal) +4
Advanced 4 492 SKYLINE GT-R BNR32 [6] transmission (Street)
Advanced 5 494 RX-8 SE3P [7] transmission (Street) +1


No. Power car Reward
Extreme 1 593 MAZDASPEED ATENZA GG3P [6] transmission (Street), Nitorobonbe
Extreme 2 615 LEGACY B4 BM9 [7] transmission (Street) +1, Nitorobonbe
Extreme 3 633 MR2 GT-S SW20 [8] transmission (Street) +2, Nitorobonbe
Extreme 4 652 SUPRA RZ JZA80 [9] transmission (Street) +3, Nitorobonbe × 2
Extreme 5 678 GTO Z16A [10] transmission (Street) +4, Nitorobonbe × 2
Extreme 6 712 LANCER EvolutionX CZ4A [11] transmission (Sport), Nitorobonbe × 2

Overall Tips

  • Use a proper car with proper power to beat all cars
  • Concern on keep strengthen a car's weakpoint, because a small weakpoint can outrun the player.
  • After all items obtained, it is advised to enhance the highest grade part with lower grade parts as materials
  • However, some cars with right combination of part's level of certain grade can outrun opponents in 'Extreme' tier since the power represents a tough rival for each.

'Extreme' Tier Tips 

  • All opponent cars will launch at high speed no matter what level they are. Certain tracks will force player to shot all nitrous which also cost skills to focus on the yellow line.
  • Some opponent cars will decelerate heavily after entering some turns.
  • If 'Spirits!' scored, try to keep the streak as long as possible to slightly advantage your lead.
  • Evolution X can launch at terrifying speed, use nitrous at correct time to take the lead.

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