No. Power car Reward
Beginner 1 417 CIVIC TYPE-R EK9 [1] Normal tire 175/70
Beginner 2 423 MR2 GT-S SW20 [2] grip tire 175/65
Beginner 3 432 INTEGRA TYPE-R DC5 [3] High-grade tire 175/60


No. Power car Reward
Intermediate 1 437 CELICA XX 2800GT MA61 [2] grip tire 175/65
Intermediate 2 456 LEGACY B4 BM9 [3] High-grade tire 175/60
Intermediate 3 473 SKYLINE GT-R BCNR33 [4] sports tire 175/55
Intermediate 4 480 LANCER EvolutionV CP9A [5] racing tire 175/50


No. Power car Reward
Expert 1 471 MR2 GT-S SW20 [3] High-grade tire 175/60
Expert 2 473 IMPREZA WRX STI GDB-F [4] sports tire 175/55
Expert 3 498 LANCER EvollutionVIII MR CT9A [5] racing tire 175/50
Expert 4 500 INTEGRA TYPE-R DC5 [6] Normal tire 205/65
Expert 5 509 CIVIC TYPE-R EK9 [7] grip tire 205/60


No. Power car Reward
Extreme 1 572 CR-Z ZF2 [6] Normal tire 205/65, Nitorobonbe
Extreme 2 599 FTO DE3A [7] grip tire 205/60, Nitorobonbe
Extreme 3 622 CIVIC TYPE-R EK9 [8] High-grade tire 205/55, Nitorobonbe
Extreme 4 652 INTEGRA TYPE-R DC5 [9] sports tire 205/50, Nitorobonbe × 2
Extreme 5 674 SILVIA spec.R S15 [10] racing tire 205/45, Nitorobonbe × 2
Extreme 6 705 RX-7 FD3S [11] Normal tire 275/55, Nitorobonbe × 2

Overall Tips

  • Use a proper car with proper power to beat all cars
  • Concern on keep strengthen a car's weakpoint, because a small weakpoint can outrun the player.
  • After all items obtained, it is advised to enhance the highest grade part with lower grade parts as materials
  • However, some cars with right combination of part's level of certain grade can outrun opponents in 'Extreme' tier since the power represents a tough rival for each.

'Extreme' Tier Tips

  • In Extreme tier, it is advised to use Nitrous with grade of 10 or 11 at level of 70 or above. Watch your current Gas since it costs twice than the original.
  • If 'Spirits!' scored, try to keep the streak as long as possible to slightly advantage your lead.
  • A 'Rocket Start' is crucial in order to avoid potentials that an opponent can take the lead at later turns.
  • Audio cue of nitrous tank being used by an opponent is important, signaling the right time to use the nitrous.


  • Despite the gas consumed is doubled as the game mechanism, the background music is the same as its usual theme song rather than using the 'Boss Race' theme.

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