This guide focuses on improving the enjoyment of playing DRSP as well as broadening your access to races and events conducted in the game!

What you're gonna need:


1. A CR-Z (4*++) = your eco-friendly and low-tier car.

Why should be something eco-friendly? Because gas is expensive!! Just kidding, your gas is really limited! That's why you're gonna need something that consumes as little as possible gas so that you can spam races any way you want. The ideal gas consumption should be somewhere below 200 at the very least.

For new players, I think it's best to pick the CR-Z since it won't be really easy getting one via CP order or such. It doesn't have the best performance compared to other starter 3* cars, but you're gonna like how it's so economical. In order that you can take it to 4*++, you need to be patient and wait for events that enable you to get tokens.

2. Any 4*-base car = your mid-tier car.

You get this from a 4* order ticket you get after clearing prologue, so there's no need to worry. Later, you'll need to get this (or any other 4*-base car) upgraded to 5*++ to be a mid-tier car. It may sound difficult, but it's not; it just takes time.

As a mid-tier (5*++), it consumes a pretty high amount of gas, but it also performs well and allows you to win races more easily. Why not make it into a 6* or 6*++ you ask? Fuel consumption is the answer. You obviously don't want to race an opponent that you'll surely win against in a too-fast car that consumes a quarter of your gas tank! In this case, a 5*++ comes in handy, especially if your 4*++ CR-Z isn't fast enough. (high performance + medium fuel consumption = profit too)

3. Any 6* car = your top-tier car.

Most people get this thing from events, and you can see that some 3*s that reach even 6* or 6*++ (and they perform really well!). During events like boss battle (BB) and time attack (TA), getting this kind of car is relatively easy since you can get the cars (mostly ones featured in the event) easily, either from event milestone (such as Victory Points) or order rewards. You don't need to force yourself getting a 6*++; if you can't, 6* is enough since the power difference is not too significant.

Such high performance has a drawback = high fuel consumption; so you might wanna use it only when you need it, such as: winning part festa races in the extreme category, rekting bosses, and so on.

Keep in mind that raising a car's affinity means raising its' performance status too. This will be related to the section in which we discuss about building a car for a specific class in the 'Parts' section.

With all three categories covered, you're good to go in every type of races against every type of opponent!

Other than cars?


You start off with the lowest possible grade of parts, the level 1 parts. Not a very big deal, but you're gonna need to change those soon. As a beginner, any kind of part is fine, and all you need to do is to fill the part slots you have. Have 'em filled, and you're good to go!

But you're not keeping them stock forever, are you?

This is where the enhancement system helps: it adds level and status to your parts, thus increasing your car's overall when they are equipped. Here are some tips for enhancement:

1. Use only parts that you don't need.

Have some parts lying around? Use 'em up! Be careful not to use something you'll need later, so you need to plan ahead about the parts you're gonna use, and such.

2. Use parts with highest possible grade.

You got many parts you don't need, but make sure you use the ones with the highest grade. Make sure you get the most part exp in one enhance since enhancement cost becomes expensive as the main part's level rises.

3. Use enhancement kits only when necessary.

You don't need to spam those kits all the time. Use 'em only when you don't have spare parts, but you really need to enhance.

By tuning effectively using some steps mentioned above, you can:

- Improve your parts effectively.

- Maximize the part exp while minimizing the enhancement cost.

Now that you know how to enhance your parts, it's time you know the details of part status enhancements! Here, the status increase of each part is provided:

- Engine, transmission, tires, nos = 1 level adds 5 status points

- ECU = 1 level reduces 1 gas consumption point

- Extra parts for category 1 (strut bar, clutch, muffler) = 1 level adds 2 status points

- Extra parts for category 2 (suspension, drive shaft, turbo) = 1 level adds 3 status points (thus we can imply that the 2nd category is better)

When building a specific car, for example, for time attack events (TA), you need to be careful not to exceed the limit of the class you want the car to enter. For example, a class requires you to have 500 overall stats/power at maximum. Consequently, you need to build a car with exactly 500 overall stats, or at least somewhere close to it, such as 499. It is better to actually tune your car to reach somewhere around 499 if the limit is 500 so that you have enough room to raise the level of your car's affinity. When affinity raises, your performance status also increases, and if certain amount of points have been acquired (around 20 - 25), the overall stats of the car will raise by 1, thus raising it to 500. Imagine tuning a car to exactly 500, and when the affinity raises, the overall also increases to 501; you're out of the specific class and moved to a higher class of the TA event!

As for maximizing a car's true potential using parts, make sure to use parts with the highest grade possible for that car. Therefore, you'll see how well your car can perform in its' top condition!

Turbo, drive-shaft and coil-overs are better than muffler, clutch and strut bar if you reach performances, others are needed to modify your specs on TA events and keep your car under league limits. 


Each level you up your car you got 5 more point on a spec in this order: speed>acc>handling>nos>gas... (caution : gas efficiency decrease by 1 point only)

*main parts: engine, gear box, tires, nos system: grade part level x5 = base power (5 points earned to each level up) ECU: grade part level x5 = base efficiency decrease (1 point earned to each level you up)

Optional parts: these parts are great to improve your car where you need it. -muffler, strut bar and clutch: grade level of part ×2 = base power (2 points earned to each level you up)  -turbo, drive-shaft and coil-overs: grade level of part x3 = base power (3 points earned to each level you up)


As you may already know, your overall power does NOT represent the details of your car's performance. In other words, it merely displays the average point of all your car's status combined. Does that mean cars with same overall can have different focus? One car with nuclear acceleration (but can't corner) and another with super swift handling (but slow as hell) can have exactly the same overall? OF COURSE! The overall of 2 same car may be the same, but the build may be different.

Different build means different performance, even on the same track. Furthermore, time records made by 2 same cars with different builds (but same overall) will be different. It is entirely up to you whether you wanna focus on being fast during straights or tackling the corners like a pro. At some point, even it is better to have both speed and handling despite not being able to completely excel at both.

How to determine which build to use? Depends on the track. Some courses have many corners while some others don't, and you may wanna consider the nos spots if necessary. (if someone can make a nos spot guide, or at least can state the indicators of picking the best nos spot, I'd be really happy as I'm not capable of doing so!)

The last thing you need is:

Beautiful Management

We've discussed a bit about managing parts, but that's not all; you have more things to manage:

1. Gas

2. Spare gas tanks

3. Nos

1. Gas Management

As I have mentioned above in the 'Cars' section, CR-Z helps you a lot!

However, is owning that car enough? No!

Gas recovers 1 point every 6 seconds, 10 every 1 minute, 100 every 10 minutes, and so on. That means sometimes you gotta wait to refill, especially when you have no spare gas tanks. (But for now, let's put that spare stuff aside)

The best thing to do is: spend your entire gas completely and effectively.

Let's take an example.

Your gas is all used up, and now you gotta wait. Try measuring how long will it take to reach full (or at least, near full) gas. When the time comes, you log on and play DRSP till you run out of gas again.

But what if you wait for too long, and you're still waiting even if your gas is already full? Yup, you're waiting for nothing!

If you spend your gas correctly and on time, you can be efficient about gas usage, therefore maximizing the number of races you can do in a day.

(of course, we all know that all players have things to do in real life, so this case is provided and can be followed if you're really dedicated into this game! Though, you don't always have to do this since there are many random factors that do not allow you to play even though your gas is full!)

2. Spare Gas Tanks

Sometimes, a question arises: "should I use my gas tank now?"

The answer: Depends.

Now, when should you wait? Mostly:

1. When you need to do something (e.g. studying, taking an exam, attending a class, etc) and wait for the gas to refill

2. When you only need to recover a few gas points

And, when should you use them spares?

1. When you need to complete several important races (e.g. bosses in BB events to raise your rank)

2. When you need to complete the extreme part festa but the server time's date will change in a few minutes

Surely, there are many other case examples, but there may be too many and it's not possible to be mentioned one by one. Hence, it's up to your decision!

3. Nos

Having a truckload of nos feels awesome, but be careful not to lose 'em too. You obviously don't need to use any if you're sure about beating an opponent. However, there are some conditions in which it's better to use in order to save:

1. Racing in a limited time challenge, where if you don't use any, you lose, but you win easily if you use one.

2. Racing a faster friend. It's better to use one more nos to overtake and win rather than using one or two but still losing; you don't get your nos back if you lose.


We will take a look at all the different events that you will come across when you are playing Drift Spirits and try to help you to improve your performance during these events.

Time Attack

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