• Coins: Are used when combining cars or upgrading parts. You can get Coins by simply doing races. Coins can also be obtained through daily events.
  • CP: CP Or Car Points are used to order cars and parts from the Dealership. Car Points are obtained the same way as coins, from doing races .
  • Orders Tickets: Order tickets are used to order cars and parts at the Dealership but the chances of getting a rare car or part are higher. Order tickets are obtained through special events, after completing a boss race or getting to a certain amount of VP (Victory Points). You can also get Order tickets through daily logins and weekly versus rankings.
  • Gold: Gold is the premium currency in Drift Spirits. Gold is used for a number of things, you can use it to order cars and parts in the Dealership, you have a higher chance to get rare cars and parts. When there is a event on there is usually a car pack you can buy that contain 200 tickets for the current event. You can also buy beginner packs that include parts, cars and 4* order tickets. The last thing you can do with Gold is buy Consumables.
  • Car Tokens: Car tokens are used to purchase duplicates of cars you already have. You can obtain Car tokens by trading in cars you have and by reaching a certain rank or VP amount in Special events.