Gas Tanks: Gas tanks are divided into two groups Small gas tanks and Large gas tanks.

  • Small Gas Tank
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Small Gas Tanks can be used to refill 50% of your total amount of gas. Small Gas Tanks can be won after races as a random drop. They are often rewarded in ranked special events as well; Small Gas Tanks cannot be purchased with gold.

  • Large Gas Tank
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Large Gas Tanks can be used to refill 100% of your total amount of gas. Large Gas Tanks cannot be won from races or drops. They can only be bought in the Global version of Drift Spirits. Large Gas Tanks cost 75 gold for one and 750 gold for the 11 pack.

Nitrous Tanks: Nitrous tanks can be used in a race to gain an boost of speed; a maximum of three can be used per race.Nitrous tanks can be bought and won from races; nitrous tanks costs 100 gold for 3 and 1000 gold for the 40 pack.

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Spirit Booster: Spirit Booster is a special consumable that only appears in Time Attack events. This consumable can only be used in the Time Attack event. It starts the user off with the spirit boost; on every excellent drift the spirit increases the speed of your car. Anything less than excellent makes you lose the Spirit Boost but you can get it back on the next corner if you score an excellent.
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